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POER Electric Trolling Motor made by Ningbo donghai plastic co.,ltd , designed with quality in mind ,which is the best choice for small & medium-sized boat ( usually 2-6 M): Small Fishing Boat, Inflatable Boat, Fiberglass Boat ,Small Wooden Boat etc.; Used for fishermen and outdoor as auxiliary power unit in short distance. During these years ,we mainly focus on “Transom Mount Electric Trolling Motors” with telescoping handle and variable fixed speed with LED indicator, Both Fresh water and Salt water types are available. Thrusts from 28lbs-84lbs ,and now the higher thrusts 2 HP and 3HP is under our domestic market testing . The higher thrust motor with brush-less DC motor built inside, which is pretty suitable for Aquaculture area ,and the LCD screen shows the motor speed ,battery status . We make all the existing motors to be most stable and more efficient one , and will constantly design more functional motors into the market soon.
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